Even the genius still ask questions, be grateful for blessings
Never cease to want, for the want of knowing is the want to learn
And By Jove ain’t we all learners?.
The foetus learn to grope in the darkness of maternal shelling.
It learns to know when the light is come and it is time to go
It is thought to cry by the comprehension of pain at birth
And a failure to learn could be disastrous,
Not just for itself but for the men and women
Who for a want of something to share
Have come to witness its acceptance of knowledge.
It learns to cry and request for nutrition
It learns to suckle but instinctively
It learns to crawl and to grope for stands.
It learns to learn and to remember
It eventually learns that life is a bed of rose
If it will be romanticist and grow its own orchard
It learns to be contented or not to be
In the end it learns about the want for procreation
And the necessity of guiding its offsprings
So that as it lies in its deathbed, gasping for recollections
There is nothing to learn but the unlearning of falsehoods
Acquired in his learning processes when he still could
Because only in the grave is there nothing to learn, nothingness.

Published by surreallord

humans from the start of existence have always had to come with series of believable theories about how they have come to be. These they do by ascribing different degrees of mysticism to various unseen entities hence the birth of spirituality.

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